** Mac Compliant EZDJ Editor Now Online**

In 2003, ProDJ Publishing debuted EZDJWebsites only to have hundreds of DJs who previously didn\'t have sites because of cost or experience jump on the bandwagon and get their EZ Site!

In 2007, ProDJ Publishing released version 2.0 of EZDJWebsites, with the next technology in design your own website technology. Before EZ debuted in 2003, clients had been asking ProDJ Publishing for an easy option to setup a basic website so they can establish their web presence easily, inexpensively and be able to customize it on their own. And that is what this EZDJ is all about. You setup your account, choosing from the design options available, the buttons and pages, easy integration with DJ Intelligence and other fantastic web based tools and more!

These sites are hosted in the same facility as our other websites and servers just are more limited in what can be done with them, but at the same time allow even a novice web surfer to set one up in minutes and save money! All pages are fully editable with dozens of pictures (of yours and ours) full WYSIWIG editor and much more.

But for people wanting an easy, inexpensive, customizable website THIS IS THE PLACE!

In 2010 ProDJ Publishing integrated an easy way to embed vdieo and photos from such popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and FlickR

** Check out our on-line video tutorial on how to work with EZDJ Websites version 2.0! **

We recommend DJ Intelligence for usage with EZDJWebsites - DJ Intelligence - Smarten Your Website


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