**NEW! - Check out our on-line video tutorial on
how to work with EZDJ Websites version 2.0!

Features New and Improved in Version 2

  • Fantastic templates with tons more flexibility
  • WYSIWIG Full Editor
  • Improved and More Flexible DJ Intelligence Integration
  • Full Search Engine Indexible
  • Greatly expanded high quality gallery of photos
  • YouTube Integration

Features Debuted with Version 1

  • 24/7 support at members.mobilebeat.com/
  • Your Own Dot-Com Address
  • Your Own Custom Photos can be uploaded
  • Edit your website from anywhere
  • Less than $10/month for a full site

Now through EZDJWebsites.Com version 2 from Mobile Beat you can do it for as low as $8/month with packages going up to around $12/month. and completely manage it yourself.

With packages ranging from $99 a year to $149 a year you will receive your own dedicated web address with your website attached to with multiple pages, images and links out to other services such as DJ Intelligence. This website can then be promoted all over including promotion on PartyBlast.Com and association websites both regionally and nationally.

Your EZ website can also be seamlessly integrated with DJ Intelligence and eWebmin which will allow you to add features such as an online music library with request making capabilities, availability checking, planning forms, event timelines, online booking, price quotes, satisfaction surveys and much more to your website. All these features can be put anywhere on your site through the powerful EZDJ WYSIWYG editor that allows nearly full customization of your site. With new designs being brought on every couple weeks, you can also instantly change the overall look of your site to work seasonally. For instance if it\'s wedding season you can go with one of our softer lace designs, but then flip over to the school dance scene with hot colors and style, then when you are working on holiday parties you can go to snowflakes and icicles.

And we can set it up for you right now. You will have a place to work, and then once we get your Domain (Dot-Com) login information we can hook them up then you are ready to roll. You want to have your site now.... we will help you get started now.

Check out our on-line video tutorial on how to work with EZDJ Websites version 2.0!

How Do I Proceed To Get My Website Running?

There are a couple of steps that you need to complete in order to get your website active on the internet.

1. Register your desired domain name

     If you do not already own a domain name (.com, .net, .biz, etc.) you will need to register a name. It is fairly simple to do. We offer registration through a service we call MyDJDomain. There, you will find a box to start a name search. This is where you can search for various domain names for your company and see if it is available or not. Once you find one, just go through the checkout process. Any domain registration company will give you a customer number or account number, as well as a password. You will need these two things when you register your EZDJ account. If you do not have your number and password, please contact the company you registered your domain though and have that number handy.

2. Click on view plans below to register your EZDJ Site

3.  DNS Submission

     When you are ready for the site to go live, we have to submit a request to an internet company to point the web address worldwide to our server. This is a DNS request that we submit. If you currently have a site, and are switching to an EZDJ site, we will not do this submission until you request us to do so.

4. Domain NAMESERVER Update:

     This is something we can do if you do not want us to do. It is not difficult to do, and you can do this yourself or call your domain company and have them update the information. If you want us to do this for you, please e-mail [email protected] and tell us the name of the company and website you registered your domain through, the user name or account number, and password. If you currently have a site, and are switching to an EZDJ site, we will not do this submission until you request us to do so. Once you change the Nameserver information, your old site will not be accessible on the web. The new NAMESERVERS need to read:

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